OPTRO 2020 Paper – Design-to-Technology for Night Vision

8th April 2020

International Symposium on Optronics in Defence and Security (OPTRO), January 2020
Session: Sensors and Components N°53

Design-to-Technology for Night Vision

Pierre Fereyre, Philippe Kuntz, Séverine André, José Ángel Segovia De La Torre & Rémi Barbier


The market for night vision represents a wide panel of applications which purpose is to assist operators in visual analysis of scene mostly with requirements of mobility and low power solutions. Modern systems are digital with high-end image processing to enable unambiguous scene analysis. It remains that the intrinsic performance of image sensors is essential. Ideally, in extreme low light conditions, every available photon must contribute to the signal and every detail of the image must be properly resolved. This paper explores key sensors parameters, models and metrics to evaluate low light performance.

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