Emerald 12M/16M

Emerald 12M CMOS image sensor

Compact With a Small Global Shutter CMOS Pixel

Teledyne e2v has launched its ground breaking new Emerald family of CMOS image sensors. This new product family features the world’s smallest true global shutter pixel available on the market today (2.8µm). With a smaller optical format and higher resolutions, the new sensors lead to improved performance and reduced system costs for customers.

Road camera pointing down on busy motorway

Ground Breaking New CMOS Image Sensors

The Emerald product family is suitable for the latest generation of camera interfaces (USB3.0, USB3.1, GigE, 10GigE) due to a maximum frame rate speed of up to 110fps, full resolution at 10 bits. The Emerald sensors also incorporate High Dynamic Range (HDR) features which enable end users to benefit from an ultra-low total readout noise of typically 2 e-.

2017 Innovators Awards

A New Generation of Image Sensors

This new generation of image sensors marks a significant improvement of Dark Signal Non Uniformity (DSNU), that is 10 times improved when compared to other CMOS products. This allows cameras to perform better in high temperatures and enables long exposures to be used in low-light applications such as microscopes or outdoor cameras for surveillance, speed and traffic applications.

Product Video


Resolution (pixels)
Format (H x V)
Pixel Pitch (µm)
Shutter Type
Frame Rate
(at 10 bits)
Dynamic Range (dB)
Emerald 12M - standard speed
4,096 x 3,072
Emerald 16M - standard speed
4,096 x 4,096
Name Emerald 12M - standard speed
Resolution 12M
Format 4,096 x 3,072
Pixel Pitch (µm) 2.8
Shutter Type Global
Frame Rate (at 10 bits) 31
Dynamic Range (dB) 67.5
Name Emerald 16M - standard speed
Resolution 16M
Format 4,096 x 4,096
Pixel Pitch (µm) 2.8
Shutter Type Global
Frame Rate (at 10 bits) 23
Dynamic Range (dB) 67.5
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