2M Optical Module

Pre-focused, Industrial Grade Scanning Optic

Enhancing Productivity and Throughput

This 2MP MIPI compact module finds a variety of uses in barcode reading, embedded vision and many other 2D scanning and computer vision applications. It enables the scanning of end products to enhance productivity and throughput in logistics, sorting, retail POS, and many other industrial sectors.

Faster Decoding/Image Processing

The module includes our small, state-of-the-art Snappy 2MP CMOS sensor which features a 2.8µm low-noise global shutter pixel. This sensor has been designed specifically for scanning applications and includes our patented Fast Self-Exposure© mode that ensures that the first and all subsequent image frames are correctly exposed. This enables the fastest possible identification and decoding/image processing by the downstream digital system, even in rapidly changing light conditions.

Saving Development Times & Costs

As a turnkey front-end imaging system, this module offers customers significant development time and cost savings. Only a few screws are needed to mount the module into the system, with simple connection to the host processing system through an FPC cable connector. Software development efforts can also be reduced by using some limited API-layer Linux software drivers.


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