IMVE article – 3D stacked technologies applied to custom CMOS image sensors – should you invest in differentiation?

5th May 2023

We know that CMOS technology has been replacing CCD in most applications during the past 20 years, but Rafael Romay-Juarez, the Executive VP and General Manager at Teledyne Imaging Machine Vision Sensors, believes this is just the start of a more transformational opportunity.

CMOS technology has enabled reducing the complexity of cameras by bringing to the sensor:

  • Timing generation
  • Power biasing
  • ADC and control

More and more functionality has been incorporated to CMOS sensors, up to the point that the pixel array is now not the dominant fraction of the die size.

Rafael-Juarez told the audience at the EMVA Business Conference in Seville, Spain, that 3D stacked sensors are an opportunity to bring more and more functionality into CMOS image sensors in a cost-effective manner.

“We are now at a point where processes that were very difficult 20 years ago are now becoming a reality,” he says.

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