Industrial/Machine Vision

Our product brands are high performance benchmarks in industrial imaging around the world. Speed, resolution, and sensitivity are our hallmarks. From our most cost-conscious products to our fully bespoke solutions, we focus on our customers’ needs. Applications include:

  • Factory automation, quality inspection, identification & logistics
  • Electronics & semiconductor inspection, food & beverage, transportation
  • Security & process monitoring

Teledyne e2v is also able to offer full system solutions which encompass the surrounding electronic circuitry, providing customers with the highest levels of value-added solutions and flexibility.

Robotic technology picking items up from table

Machine Vision

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their particular machine vision application (and the challenges they are facing), to ensure we provide an imaging solution which brings them maximum value.

Our main capabilities include, fast sensors which increase the throughput of machines and high near-infrared sensitivity to overcome the limitations of standard silicon.

CMOS sensor products

Emerald Gen2  |  Emerald 2M  |  Emerald 3.2M & 5M  |
Emerald 8.9M & 10M  | Emerald 36M  |  Emerald 67M  | Lince1M3 | Lince5M  |  Lince6M5  |  Lince11M   |  Topaz

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3D Imaging

Increasing automation and monitoring, the use of robotics, and other aspects of Industry 4.0 initiatives are further increasing demand for 3D imaging solutions which offer high levels of accuracy and distance measurement.

Teledyne e2v has developed the Hydra3D+ and Hydra3D CMOS image sensors for Time of Flight (ToF) and the Flash CMOS sensor for laser triangulation 3D imaging. Find out more about 3D Imaging.

CMOS sensor products


Barcode on mobile phone being scaned

Barcode Data Gathering

The trend to replace laser readers with 2D ones, is well underway in all Automatic Data Collection market sub-segments (hand-held, mobile, fixed position and industrial auto identification).

To take full advantage of the technology transition, Teledyne e2v have designed the Topaz family of CMOS image sensors. They have a tiny footprint and use state-of-the-art low noise, global-shutter pixel technology to offer powerful solutions and enable compact mobile designs for many applications.

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CMOS sensor products

Topaz  |  Snappy 2M  |  Snappy 5M  | Snappy Wide