Optimom 2M

Turnkey Optical Modules

Made for Instant Integration

Accelerate your development and focus on your true added value with Optimom™ 2M, a new range of turnkey optical modules that can be instantly integrated into embedded vision systems. Optimom 2M is a complete vision extension which comprises of a proprietary image sensor, a compact board, a standard FPC connector and full complementary lens, available in various options.

Turnkey Solution

  • A MIPI output and FPC connector make Optimom 2M easy to connect with NVIDIA Jetson or NXP i.MX processing boards
  • A lens can be supplied already installed and focused, eliminating the tedious task of lens selection and assembly
  • Instant integration with a dedicated Development Kit which includes an adapter board and Linux drivers

One Design, Unlimited Options

  • The same ultra-compact design of 25 mm square enables a single mechanical design that fits in everywhere, even highly constrained mechanical systems
  • There are infinite possibilities with two color options (Monochrome or RGB) and three types of lens options (Multi-Focus, Fix Focus, No lens)

A Highly Versatile Solution

  • Optimom is powered by Teledyne e2v’s very own proprietary low-noise global shutter image sensor, which provides sharp images of moving objects
  • An innovative Multi-Focus option is available, which combines broad working distances and wide aperture in one solution
  • Low power consumption and on-the-fly configuration update for higher battery autonomy





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