Turnkey Optical Modules

Made for Instant Integration

Accelerate your development and focus on your true added value with Optimom™, a new range of turnkey image sensor modules, that can be instantly integrated into vision-based systems. Optimom modules are complete board-level vision extensions which comprise of our proprietary image sensors, a compact board, standard connectors, and optional embedded lenses in various options.

Turnkey Solution

  • Featuring a MIPI CSI-2 interface and FPC connector, Optimom modules can be directly connected with embedded SoC such as NVIDIA Jetson, NXP i.MX, Raspberry Pi, and many more
  • The complementary Development Kit contains all the necessary hardware and drivers for the modules to be integrated into the rest of your system in just a few clicks and connections
  • Optimom modules have the option of being provided with an on-demand lens, which is already installed and focused, eliminating the tedious task of lens selection and assembly

One Design, Unlimited Options

  • Multiple resolution formats: Optimom 2M (1920 x 1080), Optimom 1.5M (1920 x 800), and more available on demand
  • Various options for color pattern (Monochrome or RGB) or lens options (no lens, fix-focus lens, auto-focus or multi-focus lens)
  • All with the same ultra-compact 25 mm square design, enabling a single mechanical design that fits in everywhere.

Unique Proprietary Innovations

  • Optimom modules are powered by Teledyne e2v’s very own proprietary low-noise global shutter image sensors, which provides sharp images of moving objects
  • Teledyne e2v’s modules leverage patented image sensor features to optimize performance, latency, and power consumption while saving resources on your processing unit
  • An innovative custom multi-focus option is available, which combines broad working distances and wide aperture in one solution.





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Introducing Optimom 2M

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