A flexible range of OCT line scan cameras

Teledyne e2v spent 2 years developing a CMOS sensor specifically for OCT. This resulted in the launch of OctoPlus, which has a specially designed pixel architecture that improves sensitivity and reduces signal roll-off to improve image quality by several dB vs state-of-the-art CMOS cameras, especially in deep structures.

The intense research activity and broadened use of OCT for medical practices, has generated a number of new uses to improve patient care (e.g. functional imaging or large field of view imaging), which existing OCT CCD camera technologies are unable to address (in particular fast A-scan rates). With OctoPlus, Teledyne e2v brings a solution to future generations of OCT by providing a dedicated camera platform using CMOS technology to speed up image acquisition while also improving image quality.

Facilitates OCT Evolution

  • 64 combinations to perfectly fit your application, with the same mechanical form factor
  • From very high speed and high sensitivity to cost efficient models, supporting your OCT application developments
  • 50% smaller volume and 75% power savings versus Teledyne e2v’s previous OCT camera generation


Increases Diagnostic Confidence

  • Improved signal roll-off for higher automated segmentation performance
  • Highest axial resolution on the market for precise tissue/structure thickness measurement
  • Minimal polarization dependence to identify birefringent and depolarizing tissues
  • Highest speed on the market with with up to 250K Ascan/s acquisition speed which significantly increases the field of view


Eye Care


Cancer Diagnostics


Quality control

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