Technical Paper – Starlight Image Sensor Technology

How deep is the night? Teledyne e2v has published this article on the latest technologies dedicated to vision in extreme darkness. Low-light applications require sufficient video throughput, signal-to-noise ratio, and spatial resolution to allow human interpretation of a complex scene passing through the digitization channel. It is therefore essential that the pixels be of optimum […]

OPTRO 2020 Paper – Design-to-Technology for Night Vision

International Symposium on Optronics in Defence and Security (OPTRO), January 2020 Session: Sensors and Components N°53 Design-to-Technology for Night Vision Pierre Fereyre, Philippe Kuntz, Séverine André, José Ángel Segovia De La Torre & Rémi Barbier Introduction The market for night vision represents a wide panel of applications which purpose is to assist operators in visual […]

Has 3D Finally Come of Age?

Has 3D Finally Come of Age?

26th September 2019

Has 3D finally come of age? By Ha Lan Do Thu, Marketing Manager and Pierre Fereyre, Sr. Principal Engineer Image Sensor Design If you looked only at the movie industry, you could be forgiven for thinking that 3D was a failure. Repeatedly, 3D has been promoted as the next big thing in movies, only for […]

CMOS Image Sensors are Entering a New Age

CMOS Image Sensors are entering a new age Pierre Fereyre, Gareth Powell In the early 90’s, it was suggested that Charge Coupled Devices (CCDs) were in the process of becoming extinct and considered to be ‘technological dinosaurs’ [1]. The prediction is not entirely wrong, if the announcement made by Sony in 2015 is taken as […]