Emerald 36M

Superior 36 Megapixel resolution

  • 6K square resolution
  • Multi-ROI feature enabling more objects to be captured in a single high resolution shot
  • Small global shutter pixel for blur-free images

With its high resolution, Emerald 36M improves inspection accuracy, increases throughput through an optimized inspection system path, and covers wider areas for surveillance or aerial mapping.

A highly-featured sensor with superior performance

  • Frame rate up to 86fps at full resolution
  • Low readout noise of 3e- and excellent sensitivity
  • A broad range of embedded functions such as multi-ROI, real-time HDR, or image statistics

Emerald 36M leverages its high frame rate to increase inspection system throughput and to provide smooth and blur-free motion capture. Its low noise combined with its high sensitivity provides outstanding low-light capabilities.

Emerald sensor

Upgrade your vision system while saving on costs

  • Fits in with cost-effective Four Thirds optics due to its small 2.5µm pixel
  • Scalable LVDS outputs (64, 32, 16 channels) providing compatibility with cost-effective FPGA
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with Emerald 67M to reduce development cost for derived product offerings
  • Available in 2 speed grades