New Off-the-shelf, High Speed Standard Sensor

Lince 11M has been specifically designed as a high-speed CMOS image sensor that also allows customers to decrease the cost of ownership. The digital circuits of the sensor output images at 715fps in 4K resolution, or 1400fps when windowing in full HD resolution. To facilitate access to affordable optics, Lince11M is compatible with APS-C format in 4K resolution.

Green car being test crashed into wall

Ideal for Freezing Motion

In motion capture, Lince11M enables users to detect markers at sub-mm accuracy from longer distances, and reduce the number of cameras necessary to prevent occlusion and minimize Field of View reduction, in order to track complex motion.


Several wooden art mannequins

Upgrading High-Speed Inspection Equipment

Lince11M offers a path forward for customers that traditionally use monochrome images for defect classification due to a lack of speed. This sensor combines high-speed and large resolution (outputting 7Gpix/s), so that customers can upgrade their LED lighting and detect smaller defects. They can also increase the contrast of their images by strobing several light sources for multispectral imaging (multiple colors) or multifield imaging (multiple angles).


  • Motion analysis
  • 3D animation
  • Flat panel inspection
  • PCB inspection


Resolution (pixels)
Format (H x V)
Pixel Pitch (µm)
Shutter Type
Frame Rate
(at 10 bits)
Dynamic Range (dB)
4,480 x 2,496
Name Lince11M
Resolution 11M
Format 4,480 x 2,496
Pixel Pitch (µm) 6
Shutter Type Global
Frame Rate (at 10 bits) 609
Dynamic Range (dB) >57
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