Real-time 3D depth maps and 2D vision in a single sensor

A unique combination

Topaz5D™ is a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, low noise global shutter 2D and 3D image sensor, designed with Teledyne e2v’s proprietary CMOS technology and specific 3D post-processing optical layers. This delivers uncompromised 2D and 3D data in parallel on a single sensor.

Innovative sensor technology

Topaz5D has 2.5 μm pixels and is housed in a tiny Chip Scale Packaging (CSP) which makes it ideal for space limited mobile applications. This sensor includes a truly innovative ‘angular sensitive pixel’ technology, so it can generate RAW 3D data, for real-time software processing of 3D depth maps.

No illumination required

Indoor or outdoor and whatever the colors involved, all contrast differences and object edges are delineated with clarity in 3D vision. 2D images and 3D depth maps are delivered at very fast video frame rates with low power consumption and no additional specific lighting is required, keeping systems costs to a minimum.


  • Consumer household cleaning robots
  • Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)
  • AR/VR headsets for hand/eye tracking
  • 3D assisted access control and
  • Logistics; box dimensioning (fixed or handheld), label placement, tote filling and pallet inspection, pick & place stations, etc.


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