Teledyne Industrial VISION Days Presentations – now available to watch!

9th November 2021

Industrial VISION Days Presentations – 6 October 2021

Teledyne e2v – Highly Reliable 3D Imaging for Challenging Applications with Time-of-Flight

Time-of-Flight is an active 3D imaging technique which requires a light source to obtain a 3D image of a scene. This emerging technology is very flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications such as logistics, robots, AGV, building mapping, factory safety etc. It’s ideal for handling complex environments, for example under different light conditions (indoor/outdoor) and for short or long ranges. Teledyne e2v will present how to address these challenges with specifically developed technologies at both sensor and system level.

Sergio Morillas is Business Manager for 3D products and applications in Teledyne e2v. He is in charge of marketing and project management for new product development. He has more than 15 years of experience in CMOS sensors and imaging systems, particularly embedding technologies used for 3D measurement.

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Teledyne DALSA – Clarity at High Speed

Teledyne innovation focusses on all aspects of the “spectrum” – from X-ray to THz, sensor to cloud, monochrome to hyperspectral, low resolution to super resolution, and from remote heads to embedded action. There is a solution for any challenge. This presentation provides an overview of the novel approaches and solutions Teledyne offers for the ever-growing field of photonic information capture. These new ideas and approaches will trigger the audience to review their challenges and solutions in a new light and come away with new possibilities.

Matthias Sonder is an experienced and skilled team lead for Teledyne DALSA’s Product Development, Research and Development (R&D) efforts, with expertise in Semiconductors, Physics, and Engineering. Matthias holds a Master’s Degree in Physics from University of Ulm, Germany.

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