3D Imaging

Increasing automation and monitoring, the use of robotics, and other aspects of Industry 4.0 initiatives are increasing the demand for 3D imaging solutions which offer high levels of accuracy and distance measurement in a variety of challenging conditions. This is essential in complex object recognition and dimensioning applications and for handling complex interaction situations such as the growing trend for human/robot co-working.

3D Image Sensors & Subsystems

Teledyne e2v’s CMOS image sensors and subsystems deliver high performance across many applications and we have developed solutions for 3D imaging including CMOS image sensors, camera modules and system integration support.


Innovation is at the core of our activity and operations. We listen to the market and application challenges of customers and partner with them to provide innovative standard, semi-custom or fully custom imaging solutions to fulfil their requirements and meet their expectations.

At Teledyne e2v our 3D activities are focused on two main techniques, Time-of-Flight (ToF) and Laser Triangulation, for which innovation at the sensor imager level is crucial.

Our 3D Technologies

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